My name is Dmitrijs Minajevs and I am software developer and enthusiastic hacker located in Rīga, Latvia.

Currently I am employed as Senior Software Engineer at C.T.Co.

I enjoy playing around with technology and creating things. I am very excited about functional programming, architecture and software craftmanship.

Junction 2020

Interactive html5 abstract game. Game uses song visualization to procedurally generate endless tunnel with meteors. Our team's submission to Junction 2020 hackathon.


HackZurich 2020

Application to recognize and parse circuit schemes. Powered by AI image segmentation and classification.
Our team's submission to HackZurich 2020 hackathon.


Junction 2019

An app to help children overcome school bullying. It allows children to anonymously report bullying incidents at school and find help with other personal issues. Our team's submission to Junction 2019 hackathon.


HackZurich 2019

Assistant for Logitech MX Master keyboard & mouse. This software learns about most used keyboard combos and allows to bind them to mouse gestures. Our team's submission to HackZurich 2019 hackathon.


Junction 2018

Escape the labyrinth game. 80-s retrowave style html5 game. Our team's submission to Junction 2018 hackathon.


HackZurich 2018

Google Assistant bot to order food, which notifies user about environmental impact of ordered food. It compares ordered food by multiple factors, such CO impact, water usage, e.t.c. and provides environment-friendly alternatives. Our team's submission to HackZurich 2018 hackathon.


Junction 2017

IOT powered supply blockchain. Our team's submission to Junction 2017 hackathon.


HackUPC Winter 2017

Reddit reader client for Pebble smartwatch. Our team's submission to HackUPC Winter 2017 hackathon.


Junction 2016

Skype bot for fashion advices. It processes natural language requests to search for clothes on ZALANDO web store. You just ask him about things you need and he will find most suitable things for you. It can understand natural human language and search by color, season, brand, gender etc. It can also sort results by various aspects like popularity or price, and, most important - find similar items by photo! Our team's submission to Junction 2016 hackathon.


HackZurich 2016

Geolocation based chat. Our team's submission to HackZurich 2016 hackathon.


Night of the Living Devs

First hackathon I participated in, organized by Microsoft in 2015. Our team won first place in the local hub. Submissions: